Polypunks Gets Infected

0xPandemic seals a partnership with Polypunks, the premier PFP NFT on Polygon

We are happy to announce that we have begun a partnership with 0xPandemic, a new up and coming P2E blockchain game.

We strongly believe that collaborations between projects are a core aspect of the blockchain open data nature. With 0xPandemic’s help, Polypunks will continue to push the boundaries to bring new utilities to existing NFTs by adding in-game functionalities. The idea is to add dedicated features tailored to the peculiarity of each community.

To begin our long term partnership, as soon 0xPandemic Labs pre-sale is launched, Polypunk NFT owners will get 10% extra $AMINO rewards. Once they activate (stake) their 0xPandemic Lab, they get the additional $AMINO(s) in each period.

About 0xPandemic

0xPandemic is a play to earn blockchain game deployed on Polygon based on NFTs. Synthesize $AMINO with your labs, evolve and collect the suitable viruses, spread and control key citadels of the map to earn resources and defeat your opponents.

0xPandemic is based on ERC-721 and ERC-20 token standards to represent the game state.

The fair launch is coming soon. Stay update by follow us on Twitter, join our Discord and subscribe to this very newsletter.

About PolyPunks

PolyPunks is an NFT project based on the Polygon chain that launched on July 3rd. Polypunks were created as a 1:1 copy of Cryptopunks; both are 24x24 pixel art images collectibles on Ethereum with true digital ownership.

Although there were different punks on different chains, Polygon was lacking a punk of their own. Polypunks recognized that with Polygon’s low transaction fees, growing users, and increasing popularity, creating NFTs based on Polygon’s token was a necessity.

Their goal is to improve NFT visibility on Polygon and encourage emerging projects while maintaining their position as a leading project in this category.

Polypunks hope to soon be listed on more NFT marketplaces to get increased exposure for their project. Currently, Polypunks are listed on Opensea.io and Lootex.io.

Email: premierpfp@polypunks.app

Website: https://polypunks.app/

Telegram: https://t.me/polypunks

Discord: https://discord.gg/5KAp77rqM5

Twitter: https://twitter.com/realpolypunks?s=21




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